My Commitment To You

I am an exclusive buyer’s broker in Oriental, North Carolina. I represent buyers only in the purchase of real estate. I do not represent any sellers, therefore full and complete representation of the buyer at ALL TIMES is guaranteed. My commitment to you is:

Undivided Loyalty
I owe 100% of my loyalty to you, free of any potential conflict with the duties to the seller

I will work for you in the manner you require, following and abiding all lawful instructions.

Reasonable Care & Diligence
I will try to protect your best interest by recommending that you should obtain outside expert advice or assistance when your needs are outside the scope of my expertise

You can freely discuss any and everything with me as I am prohibited from communicating personal information to the seller or the seller’s agent, unless such information is approved by you for release

Full Disclosure
I am required to disclose affirmatively and honestly all information I know or should reasonably know, not just material facts, concerning the transaction that might affect your decision

I will keep you informed and up to date throughout the entire process so that you can make intelligent decisions and will always know what is going on.

Make the “Wright” Choice.

Click here to download the NC Working with Real Estate Agents Brochure.

Carol Wright • Oriental Buyers' Broker
Exclusive Buyer's Agent - Waterfront & Retirement Property